838 Sign Company | HDR Photography

I have been wanting to do a project in HDR for a long time now, so when Kyle Burke of 838 sign co. came to me with this truck shoot, it sounded like the perfect candidate. Being the owner of a sign shop, Kyle is always looking for ways to stand out and grab attention. An HDR image will get you attention for sure, so I knew he would like the results.

What HDR does is combine images from multiple exposures to more accurately represent what the human eye sees. This particular image combined 12 different exposures into one 16bit file (as apposed to the standard 8bit). The result is a photo that looks like you can almost step into it. To give some context a standard full-size RAW file from our cameras are 27MB while this HDR image is 88MB. The web resolution you are seeing simply does not do the image quality justice!

The results are way better then my expectations, and I look forward to doing more HDR projects in the future.

-Michael Dick

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