Sophia and John are expecting their first baby girl, any day now. I am honored to have had the opportunity to meet them, and to document a moment that they will look back on for years to come – the anticipation of a new chapter in their lives. They are an easy-going couple, with an obvious affection for one another that was natural to capture. I was especially excited to do this maternity session because it was beautiful outside, and the timing was just right for some warm outdoor images last Sunday evening.

The most notable aspect of Sophia’s maternity session was the general feeling of peace I felt from the couple, as they await their first born child. They say that pregnant women have a “glow.” Whether or not this has any scientific bearing, and I am not sure. But what I CAN say, is that Sophia is one beautiful pregnant woman. She is also caring and sweet, and will make one wonderful mother. Equally, John was doting, attentive and thoughtful, and expressed excitement to embark on this new journey of becoming a family of three.

This little girl is blessed to be welcomed into a loving family. The love that John and Sophia have will be shared with their new baby girl. The decision to bring life into the world is momentous. It is a privilege and blessing to be sure, and should be treated as such. Documenting each step of the way is important for everyone involved. These are memories that can be cherished for many years to come.

Sophia doesn’t show it, but she was starting to slow down a bit, as she was nearing the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy at her maternity session. The images near the end, of John and Sophia’s hands on Sophia’s belly illustrate this well; her hands and fingers were so swollen that her ring would not slide all the way on. <3

What a great couple. I am so excited for you both. Congratulations in advance, Sophia and John!


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