Molly Gephart | Jefferson High School | Senior Portrait

Spring is here in a big way! I have had some serious studio fever from the winter. So when I went outside with Molly for her senior portraits I really tried to play up the sun in a big way, with a lot of warm glow and lens flair. While it felt great to be shooting outdoors again, what I will probably remember most from Molly’s shoot will be the bubbles.

Molly is into bubbles and brought some of her bubble tools with her. We got a few of the shots I was looking for this way, but Molly had a vision! After many ridiculous-looking (but fun!) attempts it was decided hand-blown bubbles were not cutting it. To rectify the situation, we took a small trip to the store and picked up a few totally professional, completely not little child’s toy, “Super Miracle Bubbles”  bubble guns for the bargain price of $3. Best $3 I ever spent.



  1. Jadelyn says:

    These are wonderful Mike i love them a lot!

    • Molly says:

      the bubble guns! best idea ever. Thank you so much, I love them!

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