Best of Seniors 2012-2013 | Photography Contest | Indiana

Congratulations to Katie Isbell and family! Thank you to everyone who took a moment to vote.

Best of Weddings 2012 contest, Best of Kids — both huge fun! Now it’s time for the moms and dads of the High School Seniors to have a turn. Here’s how it works: Mike and I have chosen an image from each of our 2012/2013 school year sessions, YOU get to vote for the best image! It’s simple, just leave a comment below this post with your favorite image (they are numbered when you click to view them) and why it’s your favorite. Be shameless and share via Facebook etc, that’s what it’s all about. We will donate a $100 print credit to the winning family and $25 to Almost Home Humane Society in the name of the winner. Voting ends 9/14/2013 at 12:00am.


  1. Diana Isbell says:

    I’m pretty sure I have to vote for #13 or she would be mad at me….

    • Larry Bernard says:

      I vote for the one riding the horse

      • Mohamed Zeeshan says:

        I vote for picture 13 with the lady on the horse since I find it immense and colorful and tellingly characteristic!

        • Beth Bangs says:

          Number 5 is outstanding

          • valerie says:

            I vote for the cutest of the cutest the number #13.

            • Janice Sniff says:

              I vote for #13 she is beautiful and so is the horse. What a natural pose!

              • Kara Kauffman says:

                My vote goes to #13!!! love her!!

                • Christine says:

                  I must say #14 is a beautiful photograph! It gets my vote!

                  • Meinders says:

                    Number 13!

                    • connie vanetten says:

                      Number 13 gets my vote…beautiful young lady

                      • Sheila says:

                        #13 gets my vote!

                        • Heidi says:

                          I vote for #13!

                          • Connie VanEtten says:

                            Love #13 Beautiful Girl!!!!

                            • Laurie Brose says:

                              Gotta vote for #5. Hands down!

                              • Kim Thomas says:

                                #5….Gorgeous Katie!!!

                                • Keith Smit says:

                                  Need to go with #5 on this one.

                                  • Lynn Erb says:

                                    #5 has that winner’s look

                                    • Julie Sievers says:

                                      #5 just a beauty!!!

                                      • Jennifer Barce says:


                                        • Bobbi Ropes says:

                                          #6!!! What a beautiful young lady!

                                          • Luis serradell says:

                                            Voting for the gorgeous girl on #13

                                            • Theresa says:

                                              #14 Gets my vote. Beautiful! 🙂

                                              • Caitlin says:


                                                • Shelley says:

                                                  #18 is a beautiful girl and a beautiful shot!

                                                  • Leigh says:

                                                    Definitely #18!

                                                    • Natalie says:


                                                      • Bjorn Nielsen aka Pic #17 says:


                                                        • Carol says:

                                                          #18 is beautiful!

                                                          • Christine Corns says:

                                                            #13 gets my vote. Natural beauty!

                                                            • Voting is over but Katie won! Thanks Christine.

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