The Phillips Family Portrait | Lafayette, IN | Portrait & Lifestyle Photographers

This family portrait session was great because it was also a special challenge. Our couple wanted to capture great smiles of their beautiful, energetic son but had been unsuccessful in the past. Was I up to the challenge? You bet I was! Most times the best way to get a great smile from a child is to just let them enjoy doing what they do best – playing and exploring life. It works in everyday life and it works in front of the camera, too! Of course we have just a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to the camera, lights and studio setup, but what is really shining in these images is the love of a beautiful young family!

Allow us to create beautiful, real images of your playful youngster. We don’t rush sessions – we allow your child enough time to “settle in” and become relaxed and intrigued by the process taking place. One important approach, in my opinion, is allowing them to take part in the process, collaborating instead of simply obeying instruction. We love the results and we thing you will, too. We all know they grow up really, really quickly (my babies¬†did!) so don’t miss the chance to capture them in a way that will allow you to remember how they really were. Call us to discuss your needs and ideas, as always we are here to help: 765-420-9621

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