April 10, 2009

My Addy Award – sort of…

Indiana Design Consortium was just presented an Addy Award for their work on Indianapolis’ Park Tudor School admissions brochures for 2008. Congrats to them! As the […]
April 8, 2009

Austin – the photos!

So, you all know what it’s like right after you get back from vacation and there are 100 emails to reply to and a stack of […]
March 27, 2009

Austin Bound!

I’ll be out of the office from tomorrow until Monday, April 6th. This time I’m headin’ down with the family for a little Vacay! I should […]
March 10, 2009

The new Gear…

… Guitar gear, that is! I’ve picked an old hobby up again. This time I plan to get goo- no, wait, decent at playing the thing! […]
February 20, 2009

Waltz for Venus Band Photo

This was a project I’d been looking forward to for some time! I approached Scott from Waltz for Venus awhile back and asked if he would […]
February 13, 2009

The Ultimate in peace-of-mind storage

Call it archiving, backing up, whatever… maintaining a reliable database of images is the professional photographer’s number one priority (or should be very near the top […]
February 10, 2009

My desk is getting pretty cool…

Ok, so I know this makes me a dork, but I’m very excited about my new audio gear. What I mean is the stuff that allows […]
February 5, 2009

New Band photos coming…

From a recent session with our singer, Dustin: Another:
January 28, 2009

Just ’cause…

… Aargh! Cabin fever… I’m done with winter. Today my car got stuck in the snow right behind my studio, fortunately my neighbors helped me get […]
January 3, 2009

NYE with the Idle Flatlands River Band (Slideshow)

January 2, 2009

NYE with the Woodstove Flapjacks (Slideshow)

December 23, 2008

Deckard the Halls!

My friend Jill brings her family in a couple of times a year for portraits, and being a photographer herself the sessions are usually lots of […]
December 19, 2008

Hilarious – A blast from the past!

I was just going through some archived images when I came across some… ahem… different marketing images I had planned to use a couple of years […]
November 26, 2008

Photographic Brides – Episode 4

I’m now going to a bi-weekly format for new Photographic Brides episodes. Enjoy the Turkey Day and I’ll see you all next week!
November 20, 2008

Testing the Nikon D300

Since recently purchasing the Canon 50d digital SLR, I thought I’d compare it to Nikon’s D300. The following images were taken at 3200 ISO with the […]
November 19, 2008


Just got back from another little vacation to Austin, TX and thought I would post some thoughts… Junior Brown – Insanely good, if you think you’re […]
November 11, 2008

Matt & Maggie (Slideshow)

November 3, 2008


Just a cool sunset photo from the other day. My friend Pat and I were driving through the country and just decided to stop real quick […]
November 2, 2008

Entry Level Digital SLR Class

Image Source is hosting another Digital SLR Class this Sunday, November 9th from 2-6pm. I still have 2 openings, so if you’re interested please call 765-420-9621 […]
November 2, 2008

From Dog -n- Suds…

November 1, 2008


I was a little under the weather last night (as it seems I’ve been for a week), but I still had enough resolve to hit some […]
October 31, 2008

Best Halloween costume ever.

You might remember the Carlisle family from an earlier post. Here’s my friend Ryan’s son in his first Halloween costume: Thankyouverymuch!
October 23, 2008

Testing the New Canon 50d

So Canon introduced their newest in their mid-level digital SLR range a few weeks ago. I picked one up nearly right away and started doing some […]
October 22, 2008

Report Card

My son got his first Middle School report card today… all A’s and B’s! Tara and I are proud parents!
October 6, 2008

The New Slideshows

Hope everyone is enjoying the new video slideshows, I think it’s a very fun way to preview each session. I’m sure you’ve all been missing my […]