Dave Mason – Senior Photographer

*Journal & Courier People’s Choice Award, Best Photographer, 2012

*Journal & Courier People’s Choice Award, Best Photographer, 2011

*Greater Lafayette Commerce Small Business of the Month, October 2010


2014 marks my 15th season as a professional photographer, and 10 years on Main Street as ISPhotographic studios.

In 2009 we moved from 713 Main Street to our new location at 505 Main. It took 7 weeks to renovate our 1,000 square foot space in the historic Lahr Apartments building. With the help of many good friends and several local contractors such as Artisan Electric, Brenneco Plumbing, Henry Poor Lumber Company, Chris Brown Construction and others, my dream truly became a reality. I’m so proud of the outcome of so much hard work from so many people, and I genuinely hope each and every person reading this gets a chance to visit.

At this point in my career I can honestly say I can’t fathom doing anything else. Photography provides me the medium to express myself of course, but beyond that I now realize that being a business owner is my true calling in life. Sounds cheesy, huh? I know… but it’s true! All the little things that add up to providing a great experience for my clients. That moment of seeing a look of satisfaction and happiness in their smiles… I honestly live for that. It’s why I’m so proud that I have the unbelievable opportunity of doing what I love for a living, full time, all the time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s this belief in providing the 110% experience to my clients that allows me to sleep at night. Honestly, there are other photographers out there who take a photo which looks just as nice as mine. There are other photographers with more gear. Who can talk the talk. Who are very nice men and women. I keep myself from going bonkers trying to “keep up with the Joneses” by keeping that one thought in mind: If I set my mind to giving every client an experience that exceeds their expectations, and do it every time, every thing else is simply details.

Whew. Ok, sorry. Got a little touchy-feely there for a second!

When not working (wait a sec, there’s a time when I’m not working?) I like riding and restoring motorcycles (’69 Honda CB175 resto-mod underway), watching Formula One and MotoGP, working out, spending time with the family, and every so often I have time for a gig with my band Moonshine Mason and the Rot Gut Gang, 40s-70s vintage country.

Thanks for taking a second to read, and please make an appointment to stop by and visit the studio!


Rebecca (Becky) Gibson – Senior Photographer

*Alumnus, Purdue University

Becky was raised in a large family who placed a high value on creative expression – especially music & art. She also learned the meaning of “hard work” at a very young age, working in, for, and around her parent’s local business.

During High School, she took greater interest in photography, and considered further pursuit upon graduation. At some point, she decided to take a different route academically… all just to wind up back where her interests began.

After her daughter Ella was born, her time spent snapping photos quadrupled (which comes as no surprise to any new parent). Consequently, she found herself in training, taking on projects, and rediscovering her love for photography. Her favorite style is candid and photojournalistic, especially of children, but can find enjoyment in most any setting. Becky has been photographing weddings for ISPhotographic alongside Michael Dick for all of 2014. What does Becky do in her spare time? See the above about being a new parent!

*As a side note, it was Becky’s Instagram feed that caught the eye of Dave Mason and led to her position at ISPhotographic!


Sarah LaMar – Associate Photographer

*Alumnus, Purdue University

*Tippy Connect

Born and raised in Greater Lafayette, Sarah grew up with her mother dragging her to endless portrait sessions at her uncle’s wedding and portrait studio which he ran for over 25 years. I guess you could say the photography biz is in her blood!

It was no surprise that photography captured her creative interests in high school, and continued through to her Purdue years where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Photography & Related Media. Her work at Purdue focused on medium- and large-format photography and antique processes. The dudes at ISPhotographic have been a great asset in filling her knowledge gap when it comes to modern photographic techonology! Before arriving at ISPhotographic, Sarah did a few freelance portrait jobs, one of which landed her name on the back of a book jacket that you can find in bookstores all across the globe!

Sarah also owns Rubia Flower Market, where she’s worked for over 10 years. Through her experience at Rubia, she has a true understanding of the ins and outs of a wedding day! When she’s not behind the camera or slinging flowers, you can find her spoiling her mutt Winnie, working on a crazy home DIY project, or watching the trashiest reality TV available.



Michael Dick – Senior Photographer (former)

*Michael has moved on to other opportunities and is no longer accepting assignments on behalf of ISPhotographic.