Shaun & Jon | Ross Ade | Purdue Weddings

What a lucky lady Shaun is. Jon is one of the most kind, charming grooms I’ve had the pleasure to work with in some time. A true gentleman. And Jon’s not in bad shape, either – Shaun was stunningly beautiful on Saturday. Her own kindness was matched only by those gorgeous eyes and smile!

The Bridal Party were quite gracious and accommodating, though Ryan did his best to push every boundary! He and I agreed – it was his role to keep the energy levels up and my job to capture it! I found myself using my outdoor voice to wrangle this rowdy crowd!

It was bittersweet to witness the love and memories shared for Jon’s mother. How proud I’m sure she is of her son, and how lucky he is to still share a life with such wonderful ladies like his sisters. The images from the reception’s dances do such a nice job of conveying what a joyous but emotional day it was.

Rebecca did an outstanding job of helping me capture candids, and I must say that the one of Abri, Matron of Honor and Steven, Man of Honor, might get me into trouble but I couldn’t help myself – I like it so much!

Enjoy this small sampling of favorites, there are many, many more to come in the next few weeks.


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