Kelly & Jim – July 29, 2006

Update: 9/1/06: Click here to view the wedding photos. It may take until as late as 8:00pm eastern time for all of the images to upload… there are, afterall, 1,024 of them! Actually, it may take until 8:00 for them to be accessable at all, so check back.

Update 9/1/06: Wedding images are coming SOON! They’re uploading as I write this…

Update 8/14/06: Album is now up here!

Wow! It was HOT Saturday! Yeah, July in Indiana is some serious business! Kelly and Jim had been planning quite a few adventures for their wedding day, and while we weren’t sure how much we’d actually get to because of the extreme heat, our minds were soon made up for us when it decided to rain! Typical Indiana weather!

Despite all that I think the wedding was very beautiful, Kelly and Jim seemed very happy, and everyone else was having fun. Sounds like a success to me!

I’ll be on vacation for the rest of this week, I’m actually IN a wedding for a change this time, my good friend Chris Bennett’s, but when I get back I’ll be working on Kelly’s wedding album.

Here are some images for now:

These two are so CUTE!

It was easy getting Kelly and Jim to kiss…

and laugh…

… and smile, which is a good sign in my experience!

Kelly was breathless when she saw her cake:


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