Fiona and Roby | Wedding Photography | Indianapolis, Indiana

A destination wedding in Indiana. Fiona is from Trinidad and Roby is from Haiti. They meet at Purdue University. All of their families traveled from all over the world to Indianapolis to celebrate!  Fiona and Roby brought many Caribbean elements into the day – everything from the music to the flowers. I just wish they had been able to bring some of the weather, as it was one of the coldest days in May that I can remember!  It was a fun day to photograph and I am already starting a new Soca playlist on my phone.


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  1. Michelle Natasha Thomas Richardson says:

    There are no words but i am sure others will agree u made my baby cousin’s wedding a fairytale… Fiona hon wherever u r may you have continued wedding bliss and God’s guidance you guys looked beautiful… On point hon… Thx again fuh making her day memorable indeed

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