Charlene & John | Hidden Hollow Farm

In this business it’s all about the love, and there was plenty on Sunday. It was a joy to watch John with his beautiful Bride. Such a gentleman, always considerate of those around him but no one more so than Charlene. His expression during the Reveal is one of my all time favorites, and other little things like the way he touches her face during the ceremony reminded me of how important my task is. Memories like these can be fleeting, and I’m honored to be trusted with their safekeeping.

Hidden Hollow Farm is a purpose designed event venue, and they have many amenities… not least of all AIR CONDITIONING! What a hot August day we had, so thank you to all friends and family of the Bride and Groom for being troopers and hanging in there in the heat.

This small selection of favorites represents a collaboration of ideas between myself and Charlene. I did my best to meet her requests and I hope she’s happy with the results, including the ones of my own invention. I’m extremely proud of the last portrait of her and John, it came together in a split second of inspiration and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

This is just a small sampling of images with much more to come. Enjoy!


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