Carolyn & Zac | Lafayette Brewing Company | Wedding

The first wedding of the season. There are always feelings of pressure, which I admittedly place upon myself. Will I be creative enough? More importantly, will I capture all the critical, but not so obvious moments?

Then there’s the inevitable chain of emotions that come with viewing the images for the first time… first, I hate them. OMG, I ruined their wedding, they’re going to kill me! Upon further examination I decide that some are ok. Finally, by the time I’m making this blog post, there are many that I like and even a few that I love.

Carolyn and Zac couldn’t have been a better couple to start the year with. A referral from some lovely, dear friends, I was certain that I would enjoy working for this couple, and I wasn’t wrong. I was also pleasantly impressed with how patient and relaxed the rest of the two families were as well.

The Lafayette Brewing Company did a marvelous job of hosting the event. Hours beforehand, while I was setting up, the staff was fussing over details so as to make sure that everything was just right. I’ll be looking forward to working more events at LBC in the future.

This collection is just a quick sampling from the day’s images. I hope you enjoy it.



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  1. The Chances says:

    Thank you for perfectly capturing us, our vibe, our families, our friends, and our day. We couldn’t be happier!

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