Alaina & Jason – November 25, 2006

Update 12/29/06: Images up here!

Update 12/19/06: The preliminary album’s up here. Give the software a sec to get going. Thanks so much for waiting, enjoy!

Update 12/12/06: I’m fianlly getting caught up on things… thanks for the continued patience, I should have lots to look at in the next week!

Last saturday’s wedding was in Noblesville, Indiana. Alaina and Jason are a great couple who, as it turns out, were married in July. Owing to Jason’s service obligations they tied the knot then celebrated Saturday with a ceremony and a reception.

Jason getting ready in what I presume is his full-dress uniform:

And seeing Alaina in her dress for the first time:

A little wackiness by Alaina during the formals (I love it):

The tried and true window light shot, but I think Alaina lends it a certain amount of grace, she’s simply beautiful!

Outside the church, which by the way we were fortunate to get the chance to do; Novembers can be pretty cold in Indiana, but the weather was pretty tolerable.

The guys… I don’t remember what they were laughing at, but I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t tell you anyway! LOL

The First United Methodist Church of Noblesville:

Some from the ceremony:


A quick smooch at the reception:

And another:

What a smile!

Jason was more or less, ahem, forced into some dance moves but I think he did just fine!

Thanks everybody for a fun day! Check back in next week for an album pre-design!

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