Laura & Josh, June 17, 2006 (with Tom)

This week’s wedding was unique in that Tom and I were hired to shoot together. This was a fairly large wedding so it was decided that we’d split up for most of the day. I began with the arrival of the groomsmen and a few shots of them. Later we concentrated on capturing the ceremony from different perspectives. From them on my role was candids… so alot of my images aren’t based around the core activities of the day. I think it will be nice for Laura and Josh to look back at the images from throughout the day and see what their guests and friends were doing.

Some favorites of mine, click to view them at a larger size. Congratulations!

and what I think is my very favorite:

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Jaclyn & Andrew

Update 7/5/06: Wedding images up here!

Update 6/30/06: The remaining images will be up soon, very soon. Thanks to all for your patience!

Update 6/21/06: The album is up here! Click and wait a moment for it to get going. Enjoy!

Update 6/16/06: An album is coming soon, I promise! : ) Check back soon!

I shot at the Stockwell United Methodist Church for the second time this weekend, and was very pleasantly surprised. When I shot there last it was an outdoor ceremony on the gazebo, which this wedding was planned for, but rain moved us indoors. Nevertheless, several great looking areas in the church and a great looking couple gave me plenty to work with!

Thanks to Jaclyn, Andrew and all the family for turning this rainy wedding day into something very special!

Here’s some favorites for now, I’...

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Timi & Matt

Update 6/16/06: Wedding images up here!

Update 6/14/06: Hopefully the proofs will be up this evening… stay tuned…

Update 6/8/06: Well, Timi and Matt’s wedding certainly is beautiful, but I didn’t expect an album design to flow so freely and quickly. I’ve really got some favorites and I can’t wait for everyone to see it… so click here, and give it a minute to do its thing…

Last week’s wedding was at Trinity United Methodist here in Lafayette. A very nice church to shoot in, I especially like the balcony, which circles nearly 360 degrees of the church! We had great weather and a great group to work with – bridesmaids who were willing to play in traffic for me! : )

Here are a few images while I’m working on the album and edits, click the images to view larger.

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Pat McClimans Group…

We do get to shoot some different stuff from time to time… this time it’s the ever-popular, award winning PMG!

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Lindsey & Joe…

This week’s shoot was an engagement rather than wedding. Lindsey, Joe and I met at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for a relaxed session… at least I was relaxed, LOL! No, seriously, they were great and I think we all had a good time.

Some favorites (click images to view them at a larger size):

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Shayla & Mark – May 19, 2006

Update 6/7/06: The rest of the wedding images are now up here.

Update 5/25/06: So Shayla and Mark’s preliminary album is up here. It was definitely an inspired design, not as many pages as some, but I feel it’s a matter of quality over quantity, no doubt about it. We never go about a design with a pre-determined approach, anyway (no target on number of pages, no template, etc.), preferring to let each album come together on it’s own, telling each couples’ story. I hope you like!

Friday wedding this week , which is unusual, but to top it off it was at a very nice Baptist church. I’ll be honest, we don’t really get too excited over Baptist churches as photographers: they aren’t normally very… ornate...

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Amy & Heath

Update 5/27/06: The rest of the wedding images are up now!

Update 5/18/06: A preliminary album design is done! View it here. In the meantime, I’ll be editing the rest of the wedding images, so watch for those soon!

Last Saturday’s wedding was in Plainfield, Indiana with the Shaneyfelts’ and Pingletons’. Thank you so much to everyone for making us feel welcome! I’ve picked out some favorites to show while I work on an album design as well as editing the rest of the images. Enjoy!

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Sara & Aaron: May 6, 2006

Update 5/24/06: Wedding Images are up here!

Update 5/17/06: I’m working on the edits of all the images at this point, it’s pretty much always slow-going, as the process is very hands-on and intensive. I should have ALL the images available for viewing within a few days, please check back.

Update 5/11/06: Album’s up! Click here to see it, give it a couple of moments to start doing it’s thing. Enjoy!

Update 5/10/06: I’m working on an album design for Sara and Aaron and it’s going great! I was telling Tom that it’s going to be a very colorful, fun album… I’m defintely having fun designing it! There are so many good images to choose from, I can’t wait until they get to see it. Check back here soon because it won’t be long! :^D

This weekend I was in Zionsville for Sara Balensiefer and Aaron R...

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Kristen and Jeff, April 29 2006

Update 5/17/06: Wedding images are uploading as I write this. Please note that there are several catgories for viewing the images, which should make accessing the 700+ photo’s much easier. Thanks!

Update 5/10/06: I’m finishing up the proof edits and will hopefully have them online tomorrow!

Update 5/8/06: Album’s up! Take a look here.

Update 5/06/06: OK, so I’m a little behind on getting the album uploaded… computers! Give me ’til Monday, it’ll be worth it, I promise!

Update 5/4/06: I really think I might have out-done myself on this one. I’ve done nothing but work on the album since yesterday and I can’t believe how well it’s coming together. I think I’m going to be really proud of this one. I hope Kristen and Jeff like it as much as I do… I wish it were MY wedding album, LOL...

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Shayla & Mark

Here’s a great couple that I really enjoyed photographing. I met Mark the day of the shoot, and I must say I couldn’t ask for more from an upcoming groom! He was very attentive and responsive with Shayla and was genuinely happy to be doing the shoot. Shayla was fantastic which goes without saying… she doesn’t take a bad picture!

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