June 2, 2008

Another product assignment…

…for Pan-Teaz iWear. If you remember, my last assignment for the company was in Bloomington, featuring their spokes-models. This time around the shoot was done here […]
June 2, 2008

Getting caught up

Now that the first flurry of wedding activity is somewhat under control, I can take a moment and catch the blog up on a whole bunch […]
May 29, 2008


Today was an easy but interesting assignment. I packed up the studio and headed to West Lafayette to the local CBS affiliate, WLFI TV18. We did […]
May 27, 2008

Crystal & Travis – May 25

UPDATE: Proofs are online here! UPDATE: The preliminary album design is now up here! UPDATE: Hey everybody, I’ll have the album preview up later today… hang […]
May 20, 2008

Karen & Alex – May 18

UPDATE: Proofs are up and available for viewing and purchase here! UPDATE: Just wanted to mention that I cleaned up the code for the album preview, […]
May 17, 2008

Hannah Winger

I did Senior Portraits for Hannah last week… and was a bit under the gun considering that her mom Becky is a photographer as well! ;0) […]
May 17, 2008

After School Rock… rocks!!!

My friend Ian runs a great music program for kids… lessons, workshops, recording programs, called The Vaults. You can read a news article about it here. […]
May 13, 2008


I recently did a few promotional photos for Pulse Magazine and Blue Monday Craft Lounge. Of course, you don’t have to twist my arm to make […]
May 13, 2008

Sydney & Mallory

Ok, so after a little break I’m back and I’ve been very busy. You may remember Sydney from an earlier post… well, she has a little […]
May 8, 2008

I’m back!

Back from Austin, but more importantly back from computer limbo! I had not one but two major failures last week, and while all image folders were […]
April 25, 2008

I’m in Austin…

… for a few days, but when I get back next week I promise to blog like a madman! :0)
April 17, 2008

Lots more coming soon!

I have several things coming in the next few days… then it’s off to Austin for a few days of fun!
April 12, 2008

The Carlisles

My friend Ryan came in today with his wife Rita and their son Milo. Ryan and Rita love to poke fun at the concept of the […]
April 11, 2008

Don’t forget the upcoming shows!

Moonshine Mason and the Rot Gut Gang will be playing the weekend of April 18th & 19th. Check details and hear new tunes on the myspace […]
April 10, 2008

Coffee Table Books

I’ve had a few people inquire as to the specifics of my wedding albums lately, so I thought I’d mention them here (the regular website will […]
April 7, 2008


I spent Sunday, April 6 photographing models for a new marketing campaign for PAN-TEAZ iWEAR (a little play on words they hope to to capitalize on), […]
April 3, 2008

Another fashion shoot!

Yet another fashion project coming up, keep an eye out next week!
April 1, 2008

Purdue Spring 2008 Annual Runway Show

I was recently hired to do portraits for Purdue’s Apparel Design and Technology & Purdue Fashion Association’s annual runway show. A very exciting day, I started […]
March 27, 2008


Tessa came in yesterday for a last minute Senior Portrait session. Not to sound too cheesey, but I knew within a few minutes that this was […]
March 26, 2008

Man, oh man…

… do I have some cool stuff coming up! Stay tuned!
March 20, 2008

Ryan Powell

I spent a few hours today doing Senior Portraits for Ryan. We got some really cool stuff, and I’m definitely going to post more later, but […]
March 15, 2008

A new photo and poster

I spent a couple of hours photographing new publicity images for the band, and whipped up this flyer for our upcoming show at Hunter’s Pub Down […]
March 14, 2008

Ready, set, go!

So, this will be my first entry of many revolving around of all things… a scooter. But not just any scooter, a 1979 Vespa P200E. My […]
March 14, 2008

Trev Diesel

I did a few headshots today for my friend Trev Diesel. Trev is a solo performer and also frontman for the local Pink Floyd tribute Pink […]
March 13, 2008

Katy Schaeffer

I did Senior Photos of Katy a couple of weeks ago, and am just now finding a chance to blog it – it’s been crazy busy […]