RetroPunk | DJ Photography | Lafayette, IN | Chicago, IL

RetroPunk is a local DJ who works in Chicago quite a bit. RetroPunk (or Jed as I know him) and I go back all the way to elementary school. Working with him was a bit of a trip down memory lane. Maybe it was this nostalgia that made us think that we were tough enough to handle shooting outside on one of the coldest nights of the year. Despite our poor timing the images we got were exactly the gritty, urban, and street style I was going for. After the cold we came into the studio to warm up. Jed was patient and open to letting me set up the moody, high contrast lighting that I love, but don’t get to use often as it does not work well for most standard portrait work.

-Michael Dick


  1. Great work, Michael. Especially like number three.

    • One of his students says:

      RetroPunk is so cool omg he just blows my mind

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