Chris June | Band Photography | Lafayette, IN

A local musician and friend of the studio, Chris June, helped a great deal with the renovation of our space, pulling the millions of staples from the wood floor in the studio. The best way we can say ‘thank you’ is with a hook up on press photos for his new solo project.

Chris came in with fairly specific ideas of what he wanted. This is always great for me. It frees up my brain to simply worry about light, angles, and composition. Chris wanted a shot showing himself simply playing for himself, maybe before a gig. Our dressing room has a “green room” feel to it, so I dragged the large softbox over and lit it up! Shooting candid shots in a mirror is a common wedding tool for us. Using the mirror here not only added striking visual interest from the circle shape of the mirror, it also added a candid, voyeuristic feel that sells the mood Chris wanted.

The third shot is a pose that Chris had wanted to use, and I liked it. Originally it was more militaristic,but  as most poses go on a photo shoot the planned one evolved and fell into something similar but slightly more natural.

Check out Chris’s new tunes at his web page.


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