Troy Clark | Gallery Walk | Downtown Lafayette, Indiana

One of the joys of being located in downtown Lafayette is being a part of the wonderful events that happen. Gallery Walk is put on three times every summer by Tippecanoe Art Federation, and downtown businesses stay open late, serve refreshments, and most importantly display artwork. For the first Gallery Walk of the year we are proud to display works by Troy Clark.

“Troy’s process involves a wide variety of techniques. As it was Dali’s intent, Troy often tries to eliminate any evidence of the brush stroke softening the acrylic with aerosol, airbrush, rag and sponge. In his effort to tell a story his work is often compartmentalized. Xerox transfers, stencils, the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated images all lead to a work which, when visually peeled back, exposes its many layers.”

Come down tonight from 6pm-10pm for a nice walk, free food and drink, and great art – all adding up to one of the best nights out in Greater Lafayette!


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