still Lafing – Thank you Lafayette!

Thanks to all who came and supported! Thanks again to Aaron and Jeri from Mineus Print, Bob Foresman from Velocity Sound Service (lights), DJ Mondo, Kate Sweeney and Danielle Avery (hair and makeup), Chris Johnson of People’s Brewing Company (barley pop), Paul Baldwin of the Black Sparrow (the weird punch) and Don and Mark from DT Kirby’s (delicious eats). The event was huge fun and we took in nearly $200 in donations for the American Cancer Society.

photo by Chris Voglund

The event was lots of fun, with music, refreshments and live models:

Johnny and the legendary “Lafayette Yette” shirt, the one that started it all!

Drew sports the original Mineus Print “Kids are Bored” shirt. The ones you can purchase from Mineus leave the phone number off so you can write in your own!

Jordan gives Sarah some help with modeling “Party Please?”!

Kaida sports the “Falcon” shirt!

Cait and “Courthouse Bomb”, one of my favorite shirts!

Lindsey and the brand new “Party City USA”. This one was in high demand, so get on over to Mineus Print and place an order!

Emily and ISPhotographic’s exclusive “Bear in Boots” by Mineus Print. Call or stop by ISPhotographic for yours!

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  1. Tara says:

    A totally and completely amazing night.

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