Just got back from another little vacation to Austin, TX and thought I would post some thoughts…

Junior Brown – Insanely good, if you think you’re pretty good at guitar, watch him live and be humbled. 

Sixth Street on Friday night – Like Disneyland, but for drunk college students. Impressive but annoying. 

Hot Dog King – If you order the Chicago Dog ask for a bun instead of a roll. 

Home Slice Pizza – Watch graffiti artists and break dancers at work while you wait to dine on the best pizza this side of New York. 

The Derailers – New bass player, same sound. I think the fire’s goin’ out here. Hope they turn it around. Still worth going to hear Sweet Basil on the Hammond/Leslie combo, though. 

The Broken Spoke – Use the restroom before you go and bring your debit card. Three Jim Beams and a pitcher of water, uh I mean Lone Star, will set you back $25. 

Jo’s Coffee – An Austin staple that never disappoints. Keep your eyes peeled for the likes of Luke Wilson and Sonic Youth. 

Lucy in Disguise – Rent any costume you can imagine (they have the elusive Three Amigos garb I’ve been needing). Doubt Hollywood has anything on this place, it’s huge. On Soco across from Home Slice. 

Cheapo Records – A little disappointed, I expected more from an Austin new and used record shop. We did pick up a Derailers Retrospective CD and Steve Martin “Let’s Get Small” LP, though. 

La Cazuela’s Mexican Restaurant – Don’t go site seeing in their neighborhood. East of downtown on Cesar Chavez, I recommend investing in a bottle of Witch Hazel either before or immediately after dining. Live Tejano music, but they just stood around holding their instruments the whole time we were there? 

WhataBurger – If we had one here I’d never eat at Burger King again. Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t eat at Burger King ever again anyway… 

Lions of Tsavo – Loud, brutal metal that I can totally get down with (surprisingly). My friend Josh is a monster on the drums. A Lafayette gig awaits… hopefully. 

The County Line – Possibly the best BBQ joint in the country. I’ve eaten ‘Q in Georgia, Tennessee, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis and elsewhere and The County Line is probably my reigning champ. Make sure and get The Beef Rib. Yes, it’s one rib and it eats like a meal.

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  1. Bennett says:

    Don’t forget the ex-lax dave. Or maybe just avoid consuming the gut clogging cheese dish appetizer at the aformentioned Mexican restaurant.

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