Oh my, what a dream baby…Sierra Loryn. <3 I have been looking forward to meeting her (and holding her!) since her mother, a friend of mine from back in high school contacted me while she was still pregnant. And I am SO HAPPY for Nicki and Tony, as they embark on the newest and best chapter in their lives! And they are an amazing little family. These are the moments…let me tell you. My fondest memories are the early days and weeks that followed giving birth to my kids. It’s uncharted territories…exciting, challenging, NEW. But documenting them, especially newborn stage, is SO important, because they will never be that small again…and it’s exciting to see them grow!

Sierra was game for our photo plans, so long as she was fed and dry — which is typical for most newborn sessions. And once she was cozy, she showed off her beautiful dreamland smiles 🙂 And Nicki and Tony were not your average newbie parents – they were cool as a fan…calm, confident and overall good company. <3

Here are a few of my favorites from the session!



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