The Convertible.

Alot of my friends already know I’m a Honda fan-their racing heritage, their cars, their corporate practices… a little wierd, I know. At any rate, I mentioned in an earlier post about our trip to Nashville that we bought a new S2000. It’s actually our second one, the first one was a ’00 Siverstone on black that we owned from March 2004 until November 2005. We plan on keeping this one!

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… to Meagan and Jess! They’ll be celebrating their first anniversary this weekend on April 16.

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Our Tenth Anniversary!

Tara and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary with a trip to Nashville, Tennessee from Friday April 8 to Sunday the 10th. We actually started the trip here in Lafayette at the Honda dealership when we picked up our new S2000 convertible! It’s Silverstone metallic with a black interior… we’re thrilled! Pictures to come later…

We headed on to Nashville where we missed being in the the tornados there on the north edge of town by about an hour. Our thoughts go out to those affected by the tragedies of those events.

Our stay was at the Sheridan on Capital Avenue downtown...

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Spring Special

Now, and until May 8 we are running a special on child portraits. For $149.00 you get a session and a 20 side 8×8 hard bound keepsake book!

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Chicagos 2004 Woman of the Year hires excellent photographer for destination dream wedding!

Ok, so I don’t know if she was actually woman of the year, but I’m very excited to announce my latest destination wedding: The Dominican Republic.

Photo by Alfredo Maiquez, Copyright Lonely Planet Images

Needless to say I’m looking forward to the travel, the creative opportunities and the fun!

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A little nice weather…

… means shooting outdoors! Tara and I took Aaron and Tennessee, along with Katie the Irish Setter, to Riehle Plaza for some photos. The kids were great, the dog was frantic, and Tara was patient throughout it all. I’m pretty happy with the pictures. Some of my favorites right now:

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Wood Magazine

This week’s commercial shoot was for “WOOD” Magazine by Better Homes and Gardens. We were hired by WOOD to shoot a piece about Mr. Dave Shively’s purpose-built woodworking facility. Dave’s shop is unique in that he custom designs and builds many of the items used to create the finished products. The magazine also requested images of a display case Dave built for his father John. The case holds a Bible the family printed in 1776, it’s very rare of course. Dave was great to work with, his eye for detail and commitment to excellence are obvious.

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New Ad in Tipp-C…

Watch for our new Ad to start running in the next issue of Tipp-C magazine:

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Recording Sessions…

I play drums in a retro country outfit named Moonshine Mason and the Rot Gut Gang. We’re known for our ’40s and ’50s country sound, you know, when country music was still good. Our lead vocalist, Dustin Hopkins, is pretty amazing and accounts for most of the reason we’ve had any success.

At any rate, we’re currently in the studio recording a CD release. Last night we were doing piano tracks with Dave “Smitty” Smith, our piano player and songwriter. Dave is also an editor at The Journal & Courier here in Lafayette. He did a great job, and with just guitar tracks, some backing vocals and final mixing left to do, this recording project should be in the bag soon and I can’t wait to hear the finished product!

Chief engineer Scott Rottler (of Waltz For Venus) at the controls:

Scott sets the co...

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Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to John and Leann Matlik. They were married February 19th, 2005 in Lafayette. Photographing the wedding was a unique and enjoyable experience: we shot at The Silver Dipper ice cream shop and the produce aisle of a supermarket! They’re living in jolly old England now, here’s wishing them the best!

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