Lindsey & Joe – September 3, 2006

Update 11/1/06: After fire, brimstone, locusts and plague (just kidding,LOL), images are finally up here!

Update 10/10/06: The rest of the wedding images will be up soon, I’m shooting for early next week, so check back!

Update 9/29/06: The preliminary album is available for viewing here. Give the software a sec to get going. Enjoy!

Update 9/12/06: I’m shooting for tomorrow night for the album design…

Update 9/8/06: Well, normally I’d like to have an album design up by this time of the week, but unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be the beginning of next week. I promise to make it worth the wait!

So I ‘ve had this wedding coming up… the one I keep telling people is “at a castle”. That always gets the same response: a wide eyed expression of awe with the mouth slightly agape! LOL…


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Willie & The Fog’

I almost forgot… after Lauren and Nathan’s wedding Tara and I went to Noblesville to see Willie Nelson and John Fogerty. We missed half of Willie’s set, but being the first time we’d seen him I was still excited. He played with a slightly smaller band than normal, they sounded good but I got the impression that there was a lot of ‘going through the motions’.

The Fog’, on the other hand, brought the ROCK. Wow, he’s got energy for an old dude! Of course everyone was there to hear his CCR stuff but his solo stuff was decent too. I decided that if he were an animal he’d be a dog, and if he were a dog he’d be an Irish Setter… the way he bounded around like a big goof reminded me of Katie, our Irish Setter.

It was fun!

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Lauren & Nathan – August 19, 2006

Update 9/12/06: Wedding images available here. It may take a few hours for the link to work. Enjoy!

Update 9/8/06: Editing as we speak…

Update 9/6/06: I’m going to try and get all of the images up this week…

Update 9/1/06: I’ll be editing the remaining wedding images soon, they’ll appear here, so please stay tuned.

Update 8/25/06: The preliminary album is available for viewing here. Give the software a sec to get going. Enjoy!

My first and only (how weird) wedding in August, I was thoroughly revitalized after my trip to Oregon and looking forward to some activity. We were at the Indianapolis Omni Severin hotel for Saturday’s wedding (BTW, thanks again, Chris) and it was my first time shooting there...

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Laurie & Wayne

So, a return from Oregon equals a return to shooting. Lots of people asked why I didn’t take a ‘real’ camera on vacation, the answer was that with 4,500 images to edit for clients upon getting back home I would’ve edited my vacation photos in, oh, say sometime in 2009!

My first session was an engagement shoot with Laurie and Wayne. We met up on the IU campus in Bloomington for a quick stroll. Thanks to both of you guys for making the evening ‘down south’ an enjoyable one! I hope you like your images.

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Yes, I’m alive!

Has it really been over two weeks since I posted?!? Time flies… I don’t tend to measure anything in minutes, hours or days anymore… they’re too short… I have to think in at least terms of weeks. That’s scary.

So Oregon was a blast… I didn’t realize Chris’ bride, Roseann, is a photographer as well (I’m a little slow sometimes) so that made at least four photographers in the wedding party! Along with the wedding activities, I experienced PAINTBALL for the first time… apparently, you want to wear some protective clothing when you engage in this activity. Let me just say that getting shot through a t-shirt with a paintball HURTS… ALOT!!! But it was good fun, more exercise than one might expect, too. Or else I’m just getting… old.

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Oregon bound!

It’s 1:18am and I’m about to abandon you all for the rest of the week. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of stuff left to do to really be “caught up” as far as work goes, so I hope everyone is patient while they wait for their surprises!

It’s so exciting to read the messages from everybody that reads the blog, and everybody that checks in to see their freinds’ images.

But I’ve been looking forward to this week for a long time. My good friend Chris Bennett called me months and months ago to tell me he was getting married, and would I fly out to Portland for the wedding? My response: I wouldn’t miss it for the world! We basicaly grew up together in the late eighties/early nineties skateboarding, going to shows and generally being a nuisance...

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Kelly & Jim – July 29, 2006

Update: 9/1/06: Click here to view the wedding photos. It may take until as late as 8:00pm eastern time for all of the images to upload… there are, afterall, 1,024 of them! Actually, it may take until 8:00 for them to be accessable at all, so check back.

Update 9/1/06: Wedding images are coming SOON! They’re uploading as I write this…

Update 8/14/06: Album is now up here!

Wow! It was HOT Saturday! Yeah, July in Indiana is some serious business! Kelly and Jim had been planning quite a few adventures for their wedding day, and while we weren’t sure how much we’d actually get to because of the extreme heat, our minds were soon made up for us when it decided to rain! Typical Indiana weather!

Despite all that I think the wedding was very beautiful, Kelly and Jim seemed very happy, and everyon...

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Lacey & Dustin – July 22, 2006

Update 9/01/06: Wedding images now available here!

Update 8/26/06: Wedding images will be up soon so check back in a few days!

Update 8/14/06: Oops! Album’s been available for a little while now, I just forgot to post the link. Click here to view the album!

Update 7/28/06: Unfortunately, I’ve been ill the past two days, so I haven’t made the progress I would’ve liked on the album for Lacey and Dustin. If I can, I’m going to get it up here on Sunday, because otherwise it will have to wait until I’m back from vacation August 8th.

Three years ago I photographed Matt Beever and his wife Sarah’s wedding, and I was thrilled when I was asked to shoot for Matt’s little sister Lacey!

The wedding was saturday at St. Thom’s in West Lafayette...

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We ran a promotion awhile back for child portraits, and I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to photograph Lilian and her family. As with lots of children it took a little time for Lilian to get used to the camera, but after she forgot I was there the results were fantastic. It’s wonderful to watch the innocence and happiness of a child at play with her loved ones. I hope we do lots more sessions like this one!

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Kara & Travis – July 8, 2006

Update 8/1/06 1:16am: Images are up here!

Update 7/21/06: I’m busy working on the rest of the image edits as well as some changes to the album, so stay tuned!

Update 7/17/06: Well, I’m happy to say that the preliminary album design for Kara and Travis is ready! How easily it came together, too! To view, click here, and wait a moment for the software to start up. Let me know what you think!

What a lovely weekend for a wedding in July. Very sunny and mild… I had a beautiful bride, a relaxed groom and a fun bridal party to work with on Saturday. I also returned to St. James here in Lafayette after a couple of years… it’s a nice looking church. The real fun came when we got to the Purdue Memorial Union and the bridal party started to cut up a little:

Here are some more favorites until I can ...

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