Teagan | Kids & Babies

Teagan is One and she celebrated with a cake smash! A big milestone as part of her ongoing Baby Plan photography journey. Sister Skylar was there to help out, too!

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Whitney & Brady | Engagement Photography | Indiana

Sometimes waiting pays off. I had been scheduled to do Engagement Photography for Whitney and Brady but we had to postpone our original date due to bad weather. We were rewarded with a perfect evening, and an ideal setting to go with it. Whitney had lined up a beautiful

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Connor & Nick. I love working with this couple. I met them back in the spring when I shot their mini engagement session at Star City Coffee Shop in Lafayette. So we thought it was best to plan the full engagement shoot for outdoor/ rural, since we already got some urban. The ...

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Caitlin & Peter | Duncan Hall Wedding | Lafayette, IN

Duncan Hall offers a unique, distinguished setting for a wedding. A living artifact from a time when artisans built our homes and businesses, custom touches are everywhere one looks. While it is visually appealing, it is also accurately defined as an intimate setting. Caitlin and Peter had invited their closest family and friends for their event, and Duncan Hall was perfect venue.

Downtown Lafayette affords several opportunities for outdoor photos, not least of which

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Bailey & David | Wedding Photography | Lafayette, Indiana

Bailey and David…probably the smiliest couple I’ve ever photographed! Bailey would call it “awkwardness,” but I call it pure gold! 🙂 All jokes aside, I understand the abundance of smiles…they have a lot to be happy about! So much love between these two! And they were surrounded by nothing but love and support.

I’ve known Bailey and her family for several years, and I absolutely loved shooting their wedding. What a wonderful group of family and...

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Natalie & Andrew | West Lafayette Wedding Photography | Blessed Sacrament

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding in West Lafayette, and I had the pleasure of working with two beautiful families. Abundant emotion makes for abundant photo opportunities, and I absolutely love it when a day provides so many candid moments. Smiles, hugs, and kisses were the standard of the day.

I have been fond of Natalie and Andrew since meeting them (they were referred by another wonderful client). Kind, considerate and fun, their Engagement Session was a joy to join them in. However, I was offered a glimpse

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Erin & Kevin | Saint Lawrence | Wedding Photography

It’s been a minute since I’ve done wedding photography at Saint Lawrence. I love the classic design, but also the abundant space and light. The church was also filled with incredible music, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I quite enjoyed working with Erin and Kevin. Their engagement session was a great way to get to know them better, even though I already know Erin’s father fairly well. Having worked for her family in the past, I knew that Erin (and Kevin) had a tremendous amount of love and support coming from their loved ...

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Holly & Sam | Wedding Photography | Lafayette, Indiana

Looking at Holly and Sam’s images, I see many that I’m quite fond of (and several belong to Heidi – the day’s second photographer). I spent some time thinking about it and while I’m certainly proud of some of the images

we created, what really shines...

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The Phillips Family Portrait | Lafayette, IN | Portrait & Lifestyle Photographers

This family portrait session was great because it was also a special challenge. Our couple wanted to capture great smiles of their beautiful, energetic son but had been unsuccessful in the past. Was I up to the challenge? You bet I was! Most times the best way

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Diego & Mayari | Pet Portrait Photography | Lafayette, IN

What fun to do some pet portrait photography for Diego and Mayari. I must admit that their dog’s name escapes me (how embarrassing) but he was such a wonderful little pup to work with. He responded perfectly to all my little tricks, getting him to look at the camera as often as needed. We obviously started here in our studio on Main Street, then we stepped outside for a...

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