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Darcy & Jake

Darcy and Jake are friends with Lacey and Dustin Deno, you may have seen their wedding on the blog a few months ago. I’ll be doing Darcy and Jake’s wedding as well, but for now we did their engagement portrait session. They had requested a few ‘semi-formals’ to be shot in the studio, but what they were really interested in were some outdoor at night shots. We lucked out with very mild weather, BTW.

These turned out to be very exciting, IMO, but I’ll get to those as we look at some images:

Something simple, elegant and fun to start out:

Something a bit more ‘moody’ and interesting, perhaps:

Things get more colorful and relaxed as we move outside…

Speaking of color, I experimented a little with the white balance on this one to increase the mood:

Check back in September to see some we...

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Leah & Joey

Some images from a real quick session we did the other day as sort of a pre-engagement-session-session. We’ll be doing more as the weather warms up and we can spend some time outdoors. Very easy, very fun… they look great, don’t they?

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Laurie & Wayne

So, a return from Oregon equals a return to shooting. Lots of people asked why I didn’t take a ‘real’ camera on vacation, the answer was that with 4,500 images to edit for clients upon getting back home I would’ve edited my vacation photos in, oh, say sometime in 2009!

My first session was an engagement shoot with Laurie and Wayne. We met up on the IU campus in Bloomington for a quick stroll. Thanks to both of you guys for making the evening ‘down south’ an enjoyable one! I hope you like your images.

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Lindsey & Joe…

This week’s shoot was an engagement rather than wedding. Lindsey, Joe and I met at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for a relaxed session… at least I was relaxed, LOL! No, seriously, they were great and I think we all had a good time.

Some favorites (click images to view them at a larger size):

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Shayla & Mark

Here’s a great couple that I really enjoyed photographing. I met Mark the day of the shoot, and I must say I couldn’t ask for more from an upcoming groom! He was very attentive and responsive with Shayla and was genuinely happy to be doing the shoot. Shayla was fantastic which goes without saying… she doesn’t take a bad picture!

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Stacey & Glen

Wow… Engagement session time is here! Three last week and three coming up this week!

Anyhoo… this session took place at Indianapolis’ White River park complex. We met at The Eiteljorg Museum and made our way down to the canal, where the photo opportunities are practicly endless!

I met Stacey some time ago when discussing the wedding photography, but met Glen on Saturday for the first time and it seemed like we all hit it off great (well, the two of them obviously like each other, duh). The shoot was very relaxed… fun, romantic. They are such an easy couple to work with, I had to turn to them at one point and say “Wow… I’m actually working right now. Isn’t my job great?”…

Can’t wait for the wedding. Some favorites for now:

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Finally wedding time, again!

Well, winter’s over and the season is upon us again! Wedding season! I’m going to kick off with one of this week’s engagement sessions- Holly and Steve. Holly and Steve are from Chicago and after searching the internet thoroughly they’ve decided to work with me for their wedding photography. I couldn’t be happier to be working with them. They’re a very dynamic, friendly couple. I really like the fact that they’re a little goofy, like me, very down to earth and fun loving. Can’t wait for the wedding!

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