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My trip to Summer Camp 2007

The Pat McClimans Group took me along as official photographer to the 2007 Summer Camp Music Festival in Chilicothe, IL. Along with the PMG, some noteworthy performers were Les Claypool, Umphrey’s McGee, Medeski Martin and Wood and Moe.

The PMG played a satisfying set on one of the smaller stages, then Pat sat in with Moe during their headlining performance on the main stage Friday night! It was lots of good fun, but I was glad to get home to my wife, kids, and SHOWER!!!

Ian Gerber:

Matt Sherger of the Woodstove Flapjacks:

Pat McClimans:

photo by Matt Bestich – I was backstage…

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New Band Photo!

My vintage country band, Moonshine Mason and the Rot Gut Gang, finally got a new band photo. The last was well over two years ago, and while I wasn’t having such a hot hair day for this new one, I’m just glad to have got it done. It’s pretty hard to get six guys together for a photo for some reason.

Anyhoo… we’ve got lots of shows coming up before we take a break for wedding season. Get show details, look at photos and listen to music on our myspace page.


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Something cool from Saturday…

From a shoot I did for an up and coming band… I can’t say more than that right now:

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Dale Watson comes to town…

Country music legend Dale Watson was in town from Austin, TX. and put on a great show at the Lafayette Brewing Company. I was invited to take some photos so I thought I’d post a few samples:

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The PMG Monster…

Update 1/23/07: A preliminary image:

Update 1/12/07: Construction of the sculpture has fallen a bit behind, so I won’t be shooting it this weekend as I thought. Stay posted and hopefully I’ll have images in the next week or two.

I’ll be shooting the cover artwork for the Pat McClimans Group’s upcoming new album “The Tower, the Robot or the Monster” this weekend. From what I understand, it’s some sort of installation sculpture that fills most of a room! Should be interesting. Hopefully they allow me to post some images ahead of the record’s release!

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The Double-A-Daddies

The ‘Daddies are the “other” vintage country band from the area. They’re good pals, so when they told me on Monday that they needed some new promo shots “like yesterday” I was glad to help. We shot these in the studio, some of them will run with a story in The Journal & Courier promoting The ‘Daddies show this Saturday at The Lafayette Brewing Company. They’ll be appearing with Deacon Sean and the Bar Brawlers.

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Pat McClimans Group…

We do get to shoot some different stuff from time to time… this time it’s the ever-popular, award winning PMG!

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Recording Sessions…

I play drums in a retro country outfit named Moonshine Mason and the Rot Gut Gang. We’re known for our ’40s and ’50s country sound, you know, when country music was still good. Our lead vocalist, Dustin Hopkins, is pretty amazing and accounts for most of the reason we’ve had any success.

At any rate, we’re currently in the studio recording a CD release. Last night we were doing piano tracks with Dave “Smitty” Smith, our piano player and songwriter. Dave is also an editor at The Journal & Courier here in Lafayette. He did a great job, and with just guitar tracks, some backing vocals and final mixing left to do, this recording project should be in the bag soon and I can’t wait to hear the finished product!

Chief engineer Scott Rottler (of Waltz For Venus) at the controls:

Scott sets the co...

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