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Sommers Family | Studio Portrait Photography | Lafayette, IN


Photographing groups is one of the harder things to so in portrait photography. The challenges simply get compounded as you add in more people. Not only do you need to get everyone’s posing to be flattering but you also have to consider the entire composition of the image and...

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Madeline | Senior Portraits | West Lafayette, IN


Fall is fantastic for portraits. The changing leaves are great, but one lesser appreciated

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Jaclyn and Darren | Wedding Photography | West Lafayette, IN


Thunderstorms were in the forecast all day. Jaclyn and Darren chose to chance things and go ahead and try for their gorgeous outdoor ceremony plans.  At 3:00pm it had been raining all day. People were preparing to get wet.  Th

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Holly and Sam | Engagement Photography | Purdue University


Purdue makes it easy to get a great deal of different looks in a small area. I have photographed

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Brittney and Justin | Wedding Photography | Crawfordsville, IN


When kids are already involved in a relationship before a wedding then there is always a different feel on the wedding day. Any fairy tale notions or idealistic notions of how you pictured things when you were a kid have all gone away. That may sounds like a negative but for a person like myself who values authenticity it certainly is not. The love th

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Rebeka and Alan | Wedding Photography | Monticello, IN


Most brides are concerned about getting their dress dirty or ruining it. Not Rebeka.  It was one of the hottest days of the year and everyone had been outside nearly the whole

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Gray Family | Family Portrait | Lafayette, IN


The most important part of this studio portrait session all happened over the phone. Lima called we talked about her relationship with her daughter and things they do together. When she mentioned that they have this silly thing where they hang upside down on the couch and laugh I knew that was a great direction to go w

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Suzi and Chad | Wedding Photography | Fowler, Indiana


Such a fun day. Check back later this week for some thoughts from me.

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Hope & Craig | Wedding Photography | West Lafayette, IN


Craig and I have been friends since 3rd grade. In High School Craig loaned me money so that I could by my first camera. We were roommates in and out of college. He is and will always be my best friend. Photographing his wedding was an honor and a privilege.

I knew Hope’s taste in music before I knew her. Craig would p...

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Sydney and Brady | Wedding Photography | Bel Air |Kokomo, IN


One of the nice things about traveling for a wedding is that you get to work in new locations. Having fresh eyes on a location can be a huge creative advantage. The first lo

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