Brittany & Korbin | Weddings | The Barn in Zionsville


UPDATE: Brittany and Korbin’s website is live! Enjoy their album design and get ready for their Signature Edition Print and full image gallery, coming soon!

It’s great when a bride already has a friendship with one of us and the groom another. Brittany and Korbin got their dream team of Michael and myself on Saturday. So happy for them that the weather cooperated. An outdoor wedding in early April was a pretty brave...

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Emery | Baby Photography | Lafayette, IN


Meet Emery, who turned 3 months on the day of her photo session.

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Bush Family | ISPhotographic Studios | Lafayette, IN


Sometimes one light and a white background are all that is needed. After all,

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Davis Family | West Lafayette, IN | Family Photography


Grace and her one year birthday was the main focus and reason for th

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Lola | One Year Old Photography | Family Portraits | Lafayette, Indiana


Another one-year-old on the move in the studio over the weekend! Lola is one BEAUTIFUL little girl…and definitely full of energy and spunk! This s...

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Best of Weddings 2014 | Wedding Photography

best of weddings

Final Hours: March Madness at the ‘Graphic… $100 print credit to the winner! Voting extended by 18 hours! Vote Now!

Upping the game: Let’s make this more interesting and increase the donation from $25 to $50 to Almost Home Humane Society! Vote now, comment below!

Please note: All votes (comments) must be approved manually, so please vote only once and allow up to 8 hours for your comment to appear (they usually appear much faster).

Time for 2014’s first “best-of” contest. Here’s how it works: Mike and I have chosen an image or two from each of this year’s best weddings, YOU get to vote for the best image! It’s simple, just leave a comment below this post with your favorite image (they are numbered when you click to view them) and why it’s your favorite. Be shameless and share via Facebook etc, that’s what it’s all about. Only one vote per person, so sharing is key...

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Harris | Newborn Photography | Lafayette, Indiana


Another sweet baby in the studio last weekend! Meet Harris, who was a little over 2 weeks old at our session. Unlike many newborns, Harris was wide-eyed for most of the session…seems he didn’t want to miss a thing! Just taking it all in. What an adorable addition to a beautiful family!

It was a pr...

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Emery | Newborn Photography | Baby Plans


Emery’s mama was here last month for maternity photos and nowwe alr...

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Hank | One Year Old Photography | Family Portraits | Lafayette, Indiana


Hank is such a stud-baby! Just look at him! He just turned one…and he is on the MOVE. My big...

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Artisan Electric | Commercial Photography | Trades


It’s not every day that we get a commercial client who’s willing to go out-of-the-box, and even more rare to go WAY into left field. Thank you to Chris Voglun...

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