Harris | Newborn Photography | Lafayette, Indiana


Another sweet baby in the studio last weekend! Meet Harris, who was a little over 2 weeks old at our session. Unlike many newborns, Harris was wide-eyed for most of the session…seems he didn’t want to miss a thing! Just taking it all in. What an adorable addition to a beautiful family!

It was a pr...

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Emery | Newborn Photography | Baby Plans


Emery’s mama was here last month for maternity photos and nowwe alr...

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Hank | One Year Old Photography | Family Portraits | Lafayette, Indiana


Hank is such a stud-baby! Just look at him! He just turned one…and he is on the MOVE. My big...

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Artisan Electric | Commercial Photography | Trades


It’s not every day that we get a commercial client who’s willing to go out-of-the-box, and even more rare to go WAY into left field. Thank you to Chris Voglun...

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Huxton Fox | Newborn Photography | Indiana Studio Photography


My husband and I have been good friends with the Taylors for years, and they recently moved to Lafayette from San Diego. We were beyond pumped to have them close-by, especially because their oldest son, Saxon is our daughter’s favorite playmate (and partner in crime)! Upon t...

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Nora | Newborn Photography | Baby Plans


Say hello to Nora – one of the best b...

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May Family | One Year Old Photography | West Lafayette, IN


A nice moment from Kherington’s shoot came at the very end. Kherington was getting fussy and slightly “over it” until she reached for a book. It is an activity the family does together often and so we photographed it. It was not my idea or the parent’s idea. It was Kherington’s idea. Despite the fact that we have a lovely studio to work in downtown, lately I have been encouraging my clients to do portraits of young chil...

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Susan & Mark | Maternity Session | Baby Plan | Indiana Studio Photography


Susan’s session was a nice collaboration, which is always welcome. Dogs are always a welcome addition as well! Looking forward to Emery’...

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Heather and Aaron | Celery Bog Engagement | Purdue University


We really lucked out on the weather and timing for this engagement session…it was warm(ish) and the sunset was gorgeous. Heather and Aaron requested to do their engagement photos at the Celery Bog at Purdue, which is where Aaron proposed to Heather. They a...

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Giordano Family | Family Portraits | West Lafayette, IN


This family shoot was a lot of fun. The Giordano family have a great mix of personalities!

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