May Family | One Year Old Photography | West Lafayette, IN


A nice moment from Kherington’s shoot came at the very end. Kherington was getting fussy and slightly “over it” until she reached for a book. It is an activity the family does together often and so we photographed it. It was not my idea or the parent’s idea. It was Kherington’s idea. Despite the fact that we have a lovely studio to work in downtown, lately I have been encouraging my clients to do portraits of young chil...

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Susan & Mark | Maternity Session | Baby Plan | Indiana Studio Photography


Susan’s session was a nice collaboration, which is always welcome. Dogs are always a welcome addition as well! Looking forward to Emery’...

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Heather and Aaron | Celery Bog Engagement | Purdue University


We really lucked out on the weather and timing for this engagement session…it was warm(ish) and the sunset was gorgeous. Heather and Aaron requested to do their engagement photos at the Celery Bog at Purdue, which is where Aaron proposed to Heather. They a...

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Giordano Family | Family Portraits | West Lafayette, IN


This family shoot was a lot of fun. The Giordano family have a great mix of personalities!

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Michelle and Ryan | Mavris Arts Center | Indianapolis, Indiana | Wedding Photography


UPDATE: Michelle and Ryan’s personalized website is now online! Be sure and get registered to receive updates moving forward!

Michelle and Ryan were praying all year for snow on their wedding day. Michelle had her heart set on fresh, unbroken snow in some of her images, so all the kids with canceled school have Michelle and Ryan to thank for their time off!

This was my first wedding at the Mavris in Indianapolis and it lived up to all the great things I had heard. The staff were the some of the best I hav...

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Hannah & Chris | West Lafayette, IN | Wedding Photography


UPDATE: Hannah and Chris’ personalized website is now online. For now there is a slideshow, in just a few days I’ll post the Signature Edition Print, then their album design and finally the full set of proofs. We are now just a week or two away from seeing it all, so stay tuned!

Hannah and Chris’ day was one of love and faith. The sentiments and emotions shared between these two people and their families are ones of lasting faith and a deep passion for serving others. The trappings of a normal wedding day were definitely secondary to honoring and celebrating their commitment to God and to one another.

As far as photography goes, it was quite a relief that such a large bridal party could be so attentive and responsive. As it was naturally very cold on January 1st in northern Indiana, we spent a total of probably 20 minutes outside all day, yet were able to capture more t...

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Grimes Family | Holiday Portraits | Lafayette, IN

Grimes Blog Edits-1-2
This was such a fun family shoot! Brian came in with his two gorgeous girls, Sydney and Makenzie, and their adorable (and cooperative!) dog, Bosley.  We did some family formals at first and then I let the girls just do their thing! Catching kids in action has always been my favorite. Enjoy!


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Ellie’s 2nd Birthday | Child Birthday Photography | Lafayette, IN


Ellie Burke is beyond adorable and so was her 2nd birthday party! It’s theme was automobiles – planes, trains, motorcycles and cars – all made out of cardboard! I was so impressed...

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Courtney & Chad | Mini-Engagement | Holiday


What a fun mini-engagement session with a great couple!! In our correspondence, Courtney had mentioned the idea of sending out save-the-dates as a New Year’s greeting, so we agreed that a little confetti might be a fun idea to try in their studio shoot.

Courtney and Chad have great chemistry and personality. Not to mention, they w...

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Beck Family | Holiday Portraits | Lafayette, IN


It was a pleasure shooting such a sweet, fun-loving family! They opted to brave the cold weather and grab a few outside as well. Here’s a few of my ...

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