Liza | Senior Portrait | Lafayette, IN


I knew as soon as I saw Liza’s teal dress that I wanted to use the teal wall I spotted months back  as a background (because 1. I loved the bold wall color and 2. matching is as good an excuse as any other) and I knew the lighting setup I want...

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Jacob and Katelyn | Purdue Memorial Union | West Lafayette, IN


I work in the PMU all the time for events put on by Purdue; tailgates, faculty awards, poster presentations, etc.  There are many things I notice while on these jobs that I have been filing away for later use. The faculty lounges upstairs have a wonderful retro formal academic feel that always reminds me of a Wes Anderson film.

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Taylor | Harrison High School Senior Portrait


Taylor’s mother and I are friends from waaay back, so it was nice to reconnect with them. Just a little bit surre...

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Conner | Delphi, H.S. Senior Portrait


I photographed Conner’s brother a couple of years ago, so we were after a good...

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Chrissy and Ben | Ross-Ade Stadium Wedding | West Lafayette, IN


UPDATE: Chrissy and Ben’s website is up!

Early on in the day, Chrissy mentioned to me that she loved the way bubbles photographed and said we should do a shot with the bubbles she had for her recessional. Fast forward a few hours and one short thunderstorm later – the sun had come back out just in time to set. This created one of those burnt-orange epic sunsets behind the large wall of windows in Ross-Ade, right behind the dance floor. My second shooter Becky noticed this and said to me ”they (the bride and groom) need to get on the dance floor!”

When I found Chrissy I ...

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Lisa & Ken | Duncan Hall Wedding | Lafayette, IN


UPDATE: Lisa and Kenny’s website is up!

Lisa and Kenny had been referred to me by several people. This meant that trust levels were of course very high, but I also felt a high responsibility to provide them with my best work. I hope my efforts meet their expectations. They certainly made it as easy as possible for me to do my job, being very receptive to every idea and request.

I was working alone Saturday, which was a bit of a departure from the norm. The majority of the event being at Duncan Hall made this a realistic possibility. The other departure from the norm was the reception-after-the-reception at their home. I feel like I captured many nice candids during this portion of the evening, which will appear later in the full set of proofs.

Be sure and register so that you’re notified e...

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Sarah & Clinton | Purdue Weddings | West Lafayette, IN


UPDATE: We’ve begun uploading the proofs here. It will be another week or so for all of them to appear. Cheers!

What happens when your bride is a professional event planner and your second photographer is a full time professional? You sigh a breath of relief and relax! What an incredibly easy day yesterday was. I don’t think there was a single moment that didn’t go to plan or image that wasn’t captured accordingly.

The families were also more than accommodating, they were nothing short of eager to help Micheal and I do our jobs. I really can’t overstate what an enjoyable time we had.

Michael did a fine job with the decor and cocktail hour at the Union while the bridal party and I toured campus...

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Trista & Jason | Purdue Wedding Photography | West Lafayette, IN


UPDATE: View Trista and Jason’s website here.

It’s always nice creating wedding photography in beautiful venues like St. Mary’s Cathedral in Lafayette or the Purdue Memorial Union in West Lafayette, even better with the help of creative clients! Jason brought several ideas for photos with his groomsmen to the table and Trista suggested the wonderful reflection portrait. Family was all very accommodating as well, which is very helpful when working quickly with large groups.

Our bridal party was also a delightful, very attentive when necessary and of course more than willing to make a visit to Harry’s with the bride and groom!

As mentioned, the Purdue Union is a great location but it was elevated to something very special with the decor that was used at the reception on Saturday...

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Jerry and Deanna | Indiana Americana | West Lafayette, IN


Jerry’s family farm is important to him – capturing it with his new wife was important to achieve while they were in town for their wedding.  Making it all the way out to the farm on the wedding ...

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Kirsten & Mike | St. Joseph’s College | Rensselaer, IN


There are some events I look forward to because they’ll be easy, or beautiful, or fun. Saturday’s event was all three. The bridal party was a delight, and the weather even cooperated for this outdoor ceremony.

This also marked my first visit to eMbers Venue in Rensselaer, Indiana. Ryan and Janelle are old friends, so it was great to finally work with them in their ne...

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