I am super excited for this sweet couple! And I am honored to be the one to document the next big step in their life together.

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Sara & Jeremy | Purdue Memorial Union | Weddings


Look at Jeremy’s smile. In every single photo. Tells us pretty much everything we need to know. Come to think of it, Sara looks pretty jubilant as well! I really had a gre...

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Layla | Newborn Photography | West Lafayette, IN


Layla was 8 days old at her newborn session – which was captured in her new home.  And sh...

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Brittney and Justin | Wedding Photography | Crawfordsville, IN


When kids are already involved in a relationship before a wedding then there is always a different feel on the wedding day. Any fairy tale notions or idealistic notions of how you pictured things when you were a kid have all gone away. That may sounds like a negative but for a person like myself who values authenticity it certainly is not. The love th

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Abbie & Chad | Sacred Heart | Four Points | West Lafayette Weddings


Laughter. There’s no other word to sum up my day on Saturday. A beautiful Bride, an appreciative Groom, an elegant and timeless church and sw...

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Rebeka and Alan | Wedding Photography | Monticello, IN


Most brides are concerned about getting their dress dirty or ruining it. Not Rebeka.  It was one of the hottest days of the year and everyone had been outside nearly the whole

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Gray Family | Family Portrait | Lafayette, IN


The most important part of this studio portrait session all happened over the phone. Lima called we talked about her relationship with her daughter and things they do together. When she mentioned that they have this silly thing where they hang upside down on the couch and laugh I knew that was a great direction to go w

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Lincoln | 1 Year | Family Photography


Happy Birthday to the big boy! Lincoln is lucky to have such great parents, or rather, are they lucky to have him?! Either way, their session was a delight and I hear a rumor that there’s an addit...

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Matt & Sarah | Engagement Portrait Photography | West Lafayette, IN


What a pleasant session with a wonderful couple! A true Lady and Gentleman, it was a pleasure creating these images. Looking forward to the wedding in October, which will be held on the same grounds. Just lovely, and a

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Courtney & Chad | Maternity Photography | Lafayette, Indiana


I am beyond excited for this very special couple to become parents in only three short months, and I am honored and privileged to be the one to document this time in their lives.

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