Yadava Family | Tapawingo Park | West Lafayette, IN


It took a bit for this little guy to be comfortable with me so we started with the whole family.

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Heather & Kevin | Weddings | West Lafayette Golf & Country Club


So nice working amongst so many friends and familiar faces. It represents a challenge, however, as there is also work to be done. We all had our work cut out for us. Heather and Kevin’s friends and family did an admirable job on Saturday, as did the West Lafayette Golf and Country Club’s staff, in morphing their outdoor ceremony into an indoor one. It was difficult to tell that this had no...

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Francie & Drew | Purdue Weddings | West Lafayette, IN


UPDATE: Francie and Drew’s website is live!

Working with Francie and Drew is the perfect illustration of why we do Engagement sessions. Many potential clients express the desire to skip theirs or replace it with something else. Mike and I nearly always insist on doing them – they are simply invaluable when it comes to learning to work with a couple. During Francie and Drew’s I learned that Francie has a certain… reluctance when it comes to photo sessions. No problem! That experience well prepared me for her wedding day, when she preferred a much more relaxed and low stress approach than do many brides.

I’m thrilled with what we were able to achieve. I’m also very pleased with Sarah’s work from Saturday...

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Tonya and Marcus | Purdue Union | West Lafayette, IN


I can honestly say that everything went to plan for this wedding. In the wedding photography business you don’t get to say that often. There is normally some curve ball that you have to work around. The cl...

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Ashley & Parker | Wedding Photography | Indianapolis, IN


UPDATE: Ashley and Parker’s personal website is now online. From there You’ll be able to see The Signature Edition Print (coming next week), then the album design and proofs (coming in two weeks).

So let’s just get right to it, that’s a drone that Parker is flying the rings into the ceremony with. Wow. Add that to the list of things I didn’t expect to see last week. LOL.

Mike and I also enjoyed working at Serendipity in Metropolis for the first time. A very modern venue with great natural light as well as the ability to be an indoor and outdoor venue simultaneously. Very cool. We both agreed that it was a very easy day, with no drama (except for the right kind, of course). It really was like watching two good friends spend the day together, and less like a high pressure event...

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Annie | High School Senior | Benton Central


Annie was a joy to work with, can you tell that she likes animals? I had to

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Taylor & Maria | Lacuna Artist Lofts | Chicago Weddings


UPDATE: Taylor and Maria’s website is up! The Signature Edition print will be chosen soon, then the album design will go live. Stay tuned…

I was shocked when Maria told me that her and Taylor had never discussed the possibility of rain on their wedding day. In Chicago. In September. LOL. But rain it did, and you would have never guessed that Taylor and Maria had planned things any other way. I still cannot believe how much this couple remained in high spirits, despite having to change 3/4 of their plans at the last minute.

Once I heard the toasts that evening, everything became clear. Listening to Maria’s friends’ and family’s remarks about her, it is obvious that she makes a lifestyle of going with the flow and striving to make those around her more comfortable than herself...

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Relisa and Tyler | Cosgray Christmas Tree Farm | Monticello, IN


Perfectly imperfect. That was how the officiant described the ceremony.

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Abraham | Senior Portrait | Jefferson High School


Abraham is the son of a bride of mine. From over a decade ago. It’s nice that his m...

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Becky and Larry | Wea Creek Orchard | Lafayette, IN


Anyone who follows this blog will recognize Becky. She began shooting with us this year and it is a true pleasure to work with her. What you may not know is that I have known Becky since high school. We both were dark room rats in those good old film days and had many conversations over red light and developer fumes.

My favorite Becky story from back then is from when I was having a really hard time (it was high school all). After giving me some advice on life she asks if I want to “hug it out”. We hug and she instantly tells me that I give awful hugs. She proceeds to bear hug the crap out of me, lifting me off of the ground...

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