Cody & Kay | Wedding Photography | Shelbyville, IN


As I’ve said a million times, love working weddings with Michael as my second photographer – the entire day becomes a no-brainer. However, quite a pleasant surprise was working with Brittany of Ooh La La Events for the first time. She seemed to gel with both of us even though we’d never met. The last surprise was Cody & Kay’s band. Amazing, professional performers with a great set list. Lots of fun!

Interestingly, one of my favorite parts of the day lately has been the family formals...

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Nicole and Adam | Wedding Photography | Rensselaer, IN


Our old blog format used to limit us to showing just 32 images. With the new system we are using this year we can show far more.

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Ditto | Newborn Photography | Lafayette, IN


I am Marci and Jeff’s official unoffical photographer. I have photographed their whole relationship. It sta...

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Kelly and Matt | Wedding Photography | West Lafayette, IN


Everyone asks us whether working with brides is difficult and I always reply with a resounding “NO”. I feel like this whole “Bridezilla” thing is completely overblown by reality TV...

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Kelly & Dan | Wedding Photography | Avon, IN


I need to start off by mentioning that I’ve been a tad selfish with my blog images. I’ve chosen strong themes which I feel tell a nice story, while Kelly wants to see her guests and family. I’m here to assure her that we have hundreds upon hundreds of family photos waiting for her.

A low-key approach to the festivities allowed Becky and I to cruise and capture, low pressure and fun. Along with family and friends, the lanterns were a very high priority. I feel like I can say we did t...

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Shannon & TJ | Saint Mary Cathedral | Indiana Wedding


A wedding ceremony at St. Mary Cathedral is always something to look forward to – there is no more grand setting in most of Indiana. Point the camera anywhere… any photo is guaranteed to be a pleasing one. Still, I must say, Rebecca really brought something special to the day. Her candid moments from both the ceremony and reception are breathtaking. She rose above and beyond what was expected of her on Saturday.

The families were very appreciative and kind all day, just a pure joy to work with. The bridal party were ready ...

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Courtney & Chad | Engagement Photography | Lafayette, IN


Courtney and Chad made my job super easy because they have a natural affection and don’t shy away in the presence of a camera! There is absolutely no hesitation on their part – happy to embrace at the drop ...

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Erin & Eric | Bernadette’s, Lahr Atrium | Indiana Wedding


It’s not often that I have a wedding that provides this many stand-alone images. It’s a rare thing that I could present nearly any one of these images and be just as proud of it’s singular nature as much as its place within the collection.

Enough gushing over my own work… thank you to Erin and Eric for bestowing me the honor of capturing your memories on such a...

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Beatrix & Dennis | Rock Concert Wedding | Lafayette, IN


Most of Beatrix and Dennis’s friends are in bands. Dennis is in a band. Most of their free time is spent playing music or going to shows. The fact that their wedding was an elegant and stylish rock concert was just about the most natural thing in the world for them. I do have to say though that this is the first rock show that ...

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Grace and James | Wedding Photography | Dayton, Indiana


Classic and simple describes not only the decor of the day but Grace and James as a couple. There were a great many things to love about this wedding.

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